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Parenting is Hard Sometimes

I love my job. There can’t be many better ones out there but, as I alluded to in my first post, yo-yoing from band member to full time parent is haaaard! 

Photo by my cousin, Jo Piddock

The hours couldn’t be more opposite for a start. London gig day was a crazy start with both grandparents picking up the boys at 8am and divvying up the bags, rushing to our practice room and off to Camden. The gig was incredible. The crowd were so up for it and everyone played a blinder. I felt a lot more comfortable doing my solo song after doing it a few times on the tour, so I relaxed in to it a lot more. London’s as near to a home gig as I get, being from Kingston, so it was lovely to have a few family members and friends there. I used to find it a total ballache having to sort out all the management, record label, booking agents, press etc etc for the guestlist at London shows but after being in Reverend and The Makers for over a decade I’ve grown up and realised it’s actually a massive compliment that they can be bothered to be there on a Wednesday evening and I could see so many of them singing along and loving it which is really lovely. After having many ups and downs with the band I’ve learnt to really appreciate being able to do this for a living. Though Jon is undoubtedly the driving force behind the band, there’s so many cogs that make the Reverend wheels turn.

“Bounce with me” – Jon raising the roof.
Photo by Model D Photography

After a little backstage party it’s time for the long journey home, meaning we pulled in to Sheffield at 4am. I don’t know why, but long journeys really take it out of me. I feel ridiculous to say that when I sit there doing nothing but it’s a long day when you’re up at 6am and end at 4am the following morning.

I went to pick our youngest up from nursery at 12.30 and had the loveliest reception from him but as soon as we got outside he had a full blown tantrum. I find it really upsetting when the boys kick off when we’ve not got much time off in between gigs but Jon or I are usually able to take charge and calm the situation down – this time it was Jon. I had a little cry and pulled myself together. It’s hard not to give in to tantrums when you’re working long hours and tired but I keep repeating to myself, “short term pain, long term gain”. They’re really good boys for the vast majority of the time and moving round from house to house over this month does make me battle with the “Shit Guilt Fairy” but so far they’re loving all the attention from doting grandparents.

Jon and me backstage. I’m clearly blowing his mind! Photo by Model D Photography

Jon and I put all our energy in to spending quality time with the boys when we’re home and pretty much collapse in to bed straight after they’re asleep. Before bed though I get everyone’s bags packed and ready for the next stretch away from home. I’m pretty speedy these days in putting together what everyone needs. So on to the next gigs. Birmingham tonight and then Norwich. It’s always a good vibe when all the band and crew can be in a hotel together. We’re an indestructible team and although we all have our little niggles here and there, we have such a laugh. It really is like a family. A slightly odd one, but who’s isn’t?!

Front page news!

Ooh, also, did anyone see I was in the local paper – The Sheffield Star gave me a lovely double paged spread when they interviewed me about this blog and why I started it. Have a read here if you’ve not had a chance yet

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