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Postponed gigs, broken bones and half term

Over a week since our last gig of the tour and I can’t really say my feet have touched the ground since! This is mostly due to half term madness but there’s also been such great feedback on all the gigs.

Sheffield O2 Academy – the end of the tour
photo by Model D Photography

As readers of my blog will know, this tour has been eventful with hospital visits, tour lurgy galore and broken vehicles so I guess it was fitting that the tour ended with more drama by having to postpone our Ireland dates. Obviously we were all gutted but illness struck again so better to do the shows when we’re all on form as we’ve not played there for a long time and want them to be gigs to remember for all the right reasons. 

Bouncing in Sheffield
photo by Model D Photography

I still haven’t quite processed how great the gigs were. They were all brilliant for different reasons but Sheffield really surprised me this year. I know people always think it must be such a great gig in your hometown but for me it’s always the most stressful. Endless guestlist to negotiate, trying to make sure all family members and friends are looked after and have a good vantage point, aftershow party to organise, childcare as everyone wants to come to the gig and then feeling guilty when I can’t socialise straight away because, at the end of the day, I’m still working; this is my job! Most people don’t really understand this and get annoyed that I’m not out partying as soon as we come off stage. My job doesn’t end then though – Tour manager duties continue. However, this year Sheffield surprised us all. The crowd felt so united and up for bouncing for pretty much the entire set. I had a moment where it felt like the world slowed down and I looked out in to the crowd and saw so many happy faces. It made me feel quite emotional. I felt so proud to be part of something that makes people feel that way. 

Pre-gig huddle – a Reverend tradition
photo by Model D Photography
All hands on deck
photo by Model D Photography

Another post tour thought has been that the #revarmy crew are so lovely to one another. I love how people organise to meet before our gigs and look out for one another in the pit and helping those that need help with access and families all coming together. There’s been such a shift in who comes to our gigs and it’s a positive one with such a diverse range of people coming together. I love it. 

Special moments

On a totally selfish note, there was part of me that breathed a sigh of relief when Ireland was postponed. Not only could I have a minute to get over my tour lurgy but also, it’s half term and since our eldest started school in September I was really glad to have the opportunity to spend some quality time with him and his little brother. 

My best efforts – not great I know!

We didn’t really make any plans but just went with the flow and spent lots of time as a family, being in the wonderful green spaces that surround Sheffield, swimming at the boys favourite pool, seeing family and of course Halloween fun. Unfortunately the drama of the tour followed us in to our home when our littlest tripped over a kids cricket bat in the living room and got a hairline fracture in his leg. He now has a full leg cast that he will have on for a month. The wonderful NHS doctors reassured us that these are very common, in under 3’s especially, and it even has its own name – a toddler break. Thankfully no surgery needed but I feel I may be able to enter worlds strongest woman after a month of carrying him around! As you can imagine with both Jon and I being tall we don’t make small babies!

Thankfully it happened at the end of half term so not really stopped us from doing anything and he’s been a little superstar. Annoyingly, Jon is away in Paris producing a band from Monday to Thursday, exactly the same time my parents go away, but the injured soldier does still go in a sling so hopefully we’ll still be able to get around as usual.

We haven’t got any more gigs planned for 2019 at the moment so my future posts will be looking at past experiences of being a mum on tour. If there’s any particular aspect you’d like to know more about please let me know and I will do my best to let you in on my secrets!

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